Amy Edwards Moumin

About Me

Helping woman in the shape wear retail business is a passion for me. The shape wear industry has and always will be a booming business for women... and now men. Charisma Marketing Group is a distributor of the hottest selling shape wear products on the market and we are proud of all the successes gained from women starting through home business, parties, online or as simple as selling via "word of mouth."

Many women would like to start a business but have limited resources or have no desire to get involved in the MLM game. They want the flexibility to sell and promote a great product on their own time and schedule with no pressure to recruit others. We as women, have a gift for promoting great products especially when we believe in the benefits of it. This is what makes shape wear a great product to begin a business with.

Charisma Marketing Group assists in the marketing and promotion of the products we distribute to ensure profitability but also success.

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of beginning a booming business, contact us and we will assist in getting your business started... One shape wear at a time!

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