Amber Smeal

healthcare advocate and independent business owner

About Me

Hello. My name is Amber Smeal. APRXS, the Association for Precision Pharmacy Services, is a non-profit organization that handles the credentialing process for pharmacists and "Pharm Ds." We also provide access to PGx (pharmacogenomic) testing for patients on four or more medications.

We have partnered with medical technology brands to offer cutting edge advances for both the patient and medical staff. Our Medication Therapy Management services (MTM) address face-to-face patient assessment and intervention as appropriate, by a pharmacist. MTM is provided to optimize the response to medications or to manage treatment-related medication interactions or complications. Recent changes to our MTM programs allow pharmacists to bill a patient's insurance benefit directly, without requiring a referral from the prescribing physician.

In addition to my role in providing the above services, I also teach others how to build residual income using essential services that we currently use everyday. The mentoring and leadership training at ACN, my independent business, has been a vital component of my success.

My areas of expertise include: leadership, team building, pharmacy expertise, healthcare knowledge, client relations, customer service, innovative idea implementation and day-to-day operations.

I am passionate about organizations that give back to society, as well as charities that inspire people, such as my local church.

Please reach out to me if I can be of service to you.

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