Amanda Lang

Co-Owner - Behavioral Independence

About Me

At Behavioral Independence, we help seniors with memory challenges maintain their independence for as long as possible through managing the symptoms of dementia. We teach them, their caregivers and staff members the necessary strategies to make these positive changes. We proudly service the Central Florida area.

Maintaining hobbies and finding new ones. Scheduling and motivating seniors to participate in individualized activities.

Building and maintaining friendships. Coping with social frustrations. Using appropriate tone of voice and language. Asking for help.

Morning and evening routines. Medicine management. Home organization. Personal hygiene. Food preparation/meal time.

We meet with the caregivers, question loved ones daily routine, behavioral challenges, medical management, hobbies, etc. make observations and collect data to find patterns of behavior.

We develop a treatment plan and get the familie's approval prior to implementing. Caregiver's goals for their loved one are included.

We share effective strategies with caregivers and residence staff. We model these strategies and provide feedback.

We monitor the progress through data collection and observations while making necessary adjustments on an as needed basis to the treatment plan. (Data collection in the form of graphs and adjustments to the treatment plan are continuously shared with the client's caregivers).

We utilize scientifically proven strategies and data analysis to develop, implement and adjust non-pharmacological treatment plans for individuals diagnosed with dementia who exhibit behavioral challenges.

We have 25 years of combined clinical experience helping families and their loved ones decrease challenging behaviors while increasing appropriate behaviors.

We are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) with Master's degrees in Behavior Analysis and Social Work.

We believe the key to help our seniors diagnosed with dementia is to help them maintain their current skills, keep them engaged and manage any existing behavioral challenges. We can make this possible by teaching our clients, family members and staff the appropriate: social, daily living and behavior management skills.

Amanda Lang received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida in 2004 and a Master's degree in Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology Orlando campus in 2008. She was certified as a BCABA (Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst) in 2004 and she has been certified as a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) since 2008. Throughout her career she has worked in the school system, residential, and home settings. In her free time Amanda loves spending time with her husband, their 2 dogs Leo and Star, and their cat Puma. She enjoys boating on the river and participating in 5k's to support her favorite foundations. Amanda became interested in dementia and the use of behavior analysis after her grandmother received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's and her aunt and father became her grandmother's primary caregivers. Amanda's family was able to improve her grandmother's quality of life by making small antecedent environmental manipulations and incorporating simple technology. Amanda believes that by utilizing these and other types of ABA strategies improvements can be made in the quality of life for other's living with dementia as well.


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