Alison Lotz Bawek

About Me

Alison Bawek, is owner and operator of two businesses in Sandy Spring, MD, the Studio of Ballet Arts and Alison’s Boutique. The Studio of Ballet Arts is dedicated to creating a forum for free expression through dance in a caring atmosphere. As director of the Studio of Ballet Arts, Alison has offered quality dance instruction since 2003. She shares her love of dance with her students, and mentors disadvantaged students and provides many with dance scholarships. Alison’s creation of an inspired and supportive environment, coupled with her belief that we were all born to dance, encourages students to pursue their dreams of performing on stage. These dreams are fulfilled through participation in the Studio of Ballet Arts’ competition dance team and yearly studio dance productions.

Alison recently turned her talent and energy towards opening Alison’s Boutique. The inspiration for the boutique began innocently enough with constant inquiries from dance moms concerning Alison’s outfits and personal style. Alison, who studied fine art at the Corcoran College of Art & Design and once harbored dreams of becoming a fashion designer, was convinced a boutique that featured her personal touch would be the next best thing. Hence, Alison’s Boutique opened to the public in November of 2012 and features one-of-a-kind fashion, jewelry, and accesories.

Alison is a member of the Olney Chamber of Commerce, and has recently been recognized by election to their Board of Directors. She is also very active in the community, and supports numerous community events by donating her time and talents, and providing free entertainment and instruction. Alison’s high energy and optimism are a constant positive influence on the community.

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