Alicia Johnson

Market Partner for MONAT; A Little Bit of Everything Apperal Company; Flat Rate Taxes Company.

About Me

Hello my name is Alicia. I definitely have an entrepreneurial spirit. As far as I can remember, I have always wanted to support myself financially and create the lifestyle I want and deserve. I never wanted my well being to be at someone else discretion. So I work hard, despite setbacks and I continue to push forward looking at the bigger picture. Keeping in mind it is all a lesson. I also thrive off sharing, sharing knowledge, experiences, and providing encouragement to whomever I come in contact with!

I joined NAPW, to be amongest women who are not afraid to experience New things. I truly believe that a woman's crown is her hair. I am an Market Partner for MONAT.. MONAT is a All Natural Anti Hair Aging System. MONAT is an exclusive product that can not and will not be found on the shelf! This product is New to the Marketplace and is changing lives drastically. It's restoring women confidence through their hair and changing lives financially through business opportunities. I would love if I could introduce MONAT to you!! or FB page

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