Aleasa Word

Owner - A. Word & Company

About Me

I am a emotional intelligence, speaker, diversity specialist and writer. In my role as a coach I help clients unmask their authentic self and use it as their super power for communication, balance and growth using a mix of non-violent communication strategies, cultural competence, conflict resolution, and mindfulness.

I've have coached hundreds of clients and have a passion for helping people see hope in tough situations. I help people understand why the dangers of limiting beliefs and limited vocabulary usage stops them from reaching goals and creating deeper connections for success.

With a background in Organizational Dynamics, a psychology based modality, it affords me the opportunity to work with clients on better self-awareness, seeing themselves and others more clearly while leveraging existing strengths. I help enrich interpersonal communication skills,reduce conflict,improve cultural dexterity,self care strategies,assertiveness, learning new ways to respond and build more productive relationships helping you achieve what you desire. I help you grow your confidence and embrace the REAL you in the process. My clients embrace authenticate living, leading and relationships

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