Ailer Kochan

About Me

As Systems Engineer, Ms. Kochan is able to lead and manage system integration projects, apply experience in requirements capture and management, derivation and allocation. She has a wealth of experience collecting and analyzing data to be presented at design reviews while effectively communicating progress and laying out the path forward to her customers. She thrives in working with people thus is able to work well with multi-disciplined teams and have developed excellent horizontal integration ability. Ailer has succeeded in leading projects, managing supplier relations, satisfying customer needs and expectations through resourceful problem solving and accurate communication. Ms. Kochan is also the President and Founder of Intrinsic Design, LLC a company committed to provide high quality technical expertise in the areas of Systems, Human Factors and Software Engineering, Avionics Technology, Ergonomics and Programming.

Ms. Kochan has experience working with the following standards: (US) MIL-STD-1472; MIL-STD-882; ASTM F1166; MIL-STD-1629; (UK) Def-Stan 00-250.

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