Ada Crenshaw

Entrepreneur | Strategic Change Management Consultant

About Me

In today’s tight-scheduled business environment, it is imperative that companies work in a lean and efficient manner. Removing the wheat from the corporate chaff ensures success.

My strengths are in helping companies to learn how to work smarter—not harder—by providing tangible methods to do just that. In the process, employees come to understand, commit to, and embrace changes in the business environment. Change is a constant, and companies will inevitably be left behind if they don’t keep up with customers’ desires.

I have a strong background in organizational change management, configuration management, and risk management. Proper project management and people management are both key in ensuring streamlined processes. I have a proven track record of providing valuable changes under tight monetary and time constraints.

Much of my career has involved working with government and military agencies, many of which deal with legacy systems. As such, I am well versed in finding cost-effective, relevant solutions, and I have the knowledge and experience to explain why these changes will be valuable. I will soon have a Lean Six Sigma certification, which will bolster my toolbox.

I believe the best leadership is achieved by example, and this is where change management is key. By charting an appropriate course, good leaders help employees get on board with new policies. Engaged leaders ensure that their employees see that changes are positive. Empathy is key to making sure employees are happy, and I feel ethics are of the highest priority.

Those who work with me find that I deliver consistent, timely results. I am proactive in my approach and aim to be transparent in all I do. My career has put me in situations where I have had to learn on the go, which has helped me learn to quickly conform to shifting priorities. I am always willing to go the extra mile.

My goal is to help companies operate efficiently to prevent waste and risk. Let’s forge this path together!

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