A. Veronica Precup

About Me

When my children were quite young, I start working as a part-time assistant editor and proofreader for a small association, gradually increasing my hours each year. Then I took a full-time position as the Production Editor of BioScience magazine. After several years, having hit the "glass ceiling" there, I was hired by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), where I spent 15 years managing the drug information publications program. My work there involved bringing computers into the department, programming the drug encyclopedia production cycle, converting the drug databases to SGML and writing the formatting codes for them, and then expanding the publications program to include journals, electronic products, and spinoff publications in CD and other data formats. I negotiated contracts for paper, printing, fulfillment, and prepress, and my staff included typesetters, programmers, and indexers, as well as editors and proofreaders. Eventually I closed the whole department when USP sold the entire drug information product line to Micromedex.

Switching to the for-profit world, I served four years as Production Director for TechBooks (now known as Aptara). As a vendor, I represented clients such as Cambridge University Press, McGraw-Hill, AIAA, IEEE, and Academic Press, overseeing a large number of project managers and support staff to fulfill contracts for books, journals, and data conversion work, all being done in the satellite office in India.

Moving back to the nonprofit side, I then spent two years as Assistant Director of Publications at the American Statistical Association, where I had oversight for six professional journals and two inhouse magazines.

Returning to my love of the medical world, I came to ACRP and its flagship journal, The Monitor, in 2006. During my tenure I have streamlined production, implemented an online manuscript submission and peer review system, and developed digital issues and annual indexes. I had made The Monitor an award-winning publication by improving its appearance and working with the Editorial Board to make the peer review process more robust and thus elevate the quality of its content. Most recently, I have directed a complete redesign and rebranding of the journal, including renaming it Clinical Researcher: THE Authority for Ethical, Responsible Clinical Research, which has been very well received.

Since my Editor-in-Chief title reflects only a portion of what my position encompasses, ACRP is currently reviewing my job description to determine the title that most appropriately reflects what I do.

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