Connect Directly with Recruiters


Great news for your career success! NAPW Career Center offers you the opportunity to connect with career professionals able to match and qualify you for job opportunities with our trusted partners searching for qualified applicants. Whether looking to make a power move into the executive suite, advance to senior management or seeking a higher level position, NAPW's award-winning, skills-matching technology helps you achieve your goals as we personally match you with a position that is perfect for you.

Here's an overview of the process:

  • 1

    Upload your résumé, create a profile or import your LinkedIn profile. Instantly, we search hundreds of thousands of jobs against your profile to find opportunities right for YOU.

  • 2

    Get matched to an eligible open position; we’ll contact you, via text and email, with your perfect job.

  • 3

    Get qualified when our Career Specialist calls you and the position is right for you.

  • 4

    Confirm via text or email to us that you have applied for the position.

  • 5

    Gain the advantage when our Career Specialist contacts the employer notifying them you’re qualified and provides them with your contact information.

You will continue receiving job alerts when you’re a match with other open positions, and you’ll have the opportunity to complete a qualifying questionnaire for each new job for which you match.

Contact Us with any questions.