Director - Business Service Manager, Tech-Ops & Safety at Atlas Air, Inc in Purchase, NY

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Job ID: 2019-2907
# of Openings: 1
Category: Information Technology
City: Purchase
State: NY
Company: Atlas Air, Inc


This position is responsible planning and overseeing the delivery of IT services to the Tech Ops (TO) and Safety business functions globally


Work/Pipeline Management - Oversees the establishment and execution of projects and day-to-day work in a predictable and transparent manner supportive of clear communications, planning, tracking and resource allocation. Plans and then executes to plan allowing for the constraints of daily support
  • Development of the multi-year project list for budgeting purposes
  • Tracking and follow-up on project commitments made by the department
  • Governance of new requests, how they get into the pipeline and how they are communicated to stakeholders
  • Creation of requirements regarding day-to-day support by other IT support groups such as Tech Support
  • Completion of agreed work
  • Proactive management of precursor work, e.g., approvals, contracts, RFPs, other departments' work
  • Proactive resourcing and budgeting against work coming up
  • Negotiation of the requirements of a project between multiple departments

Service Management - Ensures the business receives the level and quality of service agreed and required in support of the smooth execution of its function
  • Maintenance and monitoring of open issues and requests for IT service on the part of the business
  • SLA monitoring to ensure IT is living up to its commitments
  • Analysis of incident data for root cause determination and reliability improvement
  • Service process development to ensure IT service delivery meets the business needs, e.g. PC deployment
  • Oversight of SOX-compliance for TO and Safety systems
  • Communicate the business impact of technology with regards to outages and new projects
  • Respond professionally under high-pressure, when systems are down and an immediate plan of action is needed

Business Improvement - Combines a detailed knowledge of the business and work processes with IT tools and techniques to identify and execute on opportunities to improve business functions and create better outcomes
  • Workflow analysis in support of business process improvement and as input to business requirements definitions
  • Mapping of data flows to ensure relational integrity of data sources and sinks in the business process and in support of data entered once and used everywhere it is needed
  • Understand a problem from the customer's perspective, and be able to synthesize a solution from existing and new technology
  • Sit at the table as part of the business team. Be aware of the challenges facing their operation and develop strategies for how IT can help. Communicate the state of the business back to the rest of IT to generally increase awareness

Strategy and Investment Planning - Understands that IT is a service delivery business requiring prioritization, preparation and investment
  • Development of a two or three year technology investment plan including known and newly identified projects, organized to deliver a constant stream of value.
  • Development of metrics (budget, savings, NPV) for existing and proposed projects to justify them
  • Anticipation of new technology and IT support needs based on business plans, strategies, changes to the infrastructure, business processes and emerging technologies

Leadership - Effectively motivates and coordinates others in the service of the business
  • Communication across the IT organization regarding the plans and needs of the business
  • Coordination and contracting with the other areas of IT to achieve a successful outcome
  • Capable of leading the architecture and design of new solutions or to determine root cause for problems
  • Demonstrate expertise in some aspect of technology, from programming, BI, networking, security, or system operations
  • Serves as a reference point and teacher to others
  • Maintains currency with the latest thinking and developments in the area
  • Effectively imparts skills to the rest of their organization so as to raise the capability of the entire group over time

Adherence to Compliance - Ensures we operate in a manner that not only complies with written policy but also embodies the intent to minimize the various risks inherent in running IT
  • Knows policies and works to develop and enforce them
  • Ensure projects adhere to company policies and procedures
  • Educates staff to policy existence and application
  • Assesses and improves processes associated with compliance
  • Addresses compliance issues when they arise and prevent recurrence
  • Institutes regular check points to validate compliance status


  • Demonstrable track record of creating and managing the IT functions described above
  • Airline experience preferred, specifically, in the MRO and engineering areas
  • Five to eight years working experience
  • Must be well-suited for an entrepreneurial environment which is extremely fast paced with high rates of growth
  • Ability to lead and interact with all levels of the organization
  • Capable and willing to roll up his/her sleeves to accomplish what is necessary in a lean environment
  • Strong team, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to be supportive and mentally tough
  • Degree required

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