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Mikara Reid, AICI CIC On this episode of MIIEN Podcast, Mikara Reid provides tips on how to be fashionably pregnant. Its such a beautiful thing to bring another life into the world and while doing that you can still keep the word "stylish" to your new name.....MOM! Take a listen >>
  • Jul 21, 2020
    Nicole Rotatori Feel like having glass of wine (or 2 or 3) with the girls tomorrow night??? Join me and Robyn of Robyn With A Y Wineglass Co for our next Facebook Live event, Wicked Wine Wednesday, tomorrow, July 22nd at 7:00 p.m. EST on the Facebook Page @Wine With Robyn With A Y. We'll be showing off some sassy, hand-painted wine glasses, tasting some delicious Sauvignon Blancs and doing a giveaway! Hope to see you then!
  • Jul 21, 2020
    Joyce Gilliam La Bella Baskets Update ( - New in our Personalized Gifts Store (New Bella Boutique - $20 and Under Gift Items)! Disposal Face Masks - ELASTIC EAR-LOOP - Blue Masks with Wrap-around design, full coverage, built-in nose bridge fixing strip, soft fit to the skin contact surface, the rope is flexible and comfortable to wear. Our Brand Trademarked Inner Box, High Quality EFFECTIVE BARRIER - Disposable design is effective in protecting against dust and air pollution, safeguard your health. GREAT PROTECTION - Ideal for Dust, Allergies, Smoke, Pollution, Ash, Pollen, Crafts, Gardening, Travel. Item Weight 6.4 ounces Product Dimensions 9 x 6 x 4 inches Color N/a Material-Nonwoven fabric Item Package Quantity- 1 Pack of 20 Ships fron NYC
  • Jul 21, 2020
    Michelle Prince Hello eChapter! Quick question if anyone has a small business and what you recommend for accepting credit card payments. The banks and merchant services companies fees are too high for my 'very' small business and Paypal also charges %. Anyone having a positive experience they can share with me? Thanks in advance, Michelle
  • Jul 20, 2020 1 Comments
    Stacey Abrahams Wowza - Rodan + Fields has brand new revolutionary product that is already winning rave reviews. There is nothing else like this on the market. Brow Defining Boost will instantly give you the perfect brow in one step - and it will give you the appearance of fuller-looking brows over time - it is an all in one product!!! Let's find your shade! 4 choices. Reach out and I'll put you on my list for the August 4th customer launch date- and I'm exclusively offering an extra 10% off our already discounted preferred customer membership prices and FREE SHIPPING. Through AUG 10th. Are you looking for a side gig or a possibly a replacement income? This company is here for the long haul and is growing with innovative new products and global expansion. Let's chat to make sure this is a good fit for you and your goals. Through the end of July, get cash back on any enrollment kits and be eligible for up to 5K in bonuses. AND YOU CAN GET THE BROW DEFINING BOOST RIGHT NOW! Email me at staceyabrahams27@gmail and comment below and we can speak!
  • Jul 18, 2020
    Precious Williams You can be the GREATEST salesperson, all you need is a little more “SIZZLE” in your pitch! Tomorrow let me show you how to make pitching and sound strategy work well together! Don’t miss this FREE virtual event! Click the link to register: #FixMyPitch #KillerPitchMaster #SizzlePitch #Purpose
  • Jul 17, 2020
    Stacey Abrahams Please join our fun virtual event on July 16th 7 Pm EST to learn all about our revolutionary brand new Brow Defining Boost - first in market - and how joining an opportunity during a brand new product launch is the IDEAL time to start. Email me for more details.
  • Jul 15, 2020
    Vicki LK Schneider The first step to getting out of a trap, is recognizing that you are in a trap! What were your reasons for becoming self-employed? Are you experiencing the polar opposite of some (or all) of those reasons or goals? Take a moment to think about it. Did you go into business for yourself because you wanted more time for yourself and your family, but somehow ended up with less time? Did you dream about having the freedom to choose who you work for (and with), but are so afraid of turning away business, that you are now spending time with the same people you wanted to avoid? Did you set and reach goals for your business, but have failed to acknowledge those accomplishments, and reap the rewards? -OR - Have you set goals that ended up being so unclear that you are not sure if, or when, they are accomplished? How do you know when you are done, and what’s next? Do you ever use your business as a priority/excuse, to avoid other responsibilities? Immersing yourself in business activity is an easy way to avoid or procrastinate in other areas of your life, and can throw off your balance. Have you been using your work as a reason to isolate yourself? While periods of isolation might be great when “heads down” work is required, it is not a healthy way to function every day. Have you structured your physical environment to support your life balance? The good news is: that the whole world is now your office. The bad news is: that the whole world is now your office! Have you delineated dedicated space for work, space where work never encroaches, and flexible zones? Do you get so wrapped up in the day to day, that long-term planning is neglected? Have you sometimes thought that working for someone else again would seem like a vacation? You deserve to have your entrepreneurship be as awesome as you imagined! I want to help free you from The Entrepreneur Trap! Let’s Talk, and see how we can plan your escape! Let’s Talk #infinitequests #lifecoach #entrepeneurs #entrepeneurtrap #selfemployed #selfemployment #awwtoawe #overcomeyouroverwhelm #lifestrategies #lifebalance
  • Jul 14, 2020
    Mikara Reid, AICI CIC The #MIIEN Podcast, has bra expert Iris Clarke of Iris Lingerie Brooklyn! She drops a lot of gems, so ladies get ready to perk up your girls! ‬ Take a Listen >>
  • Jul 14, 2020
    Cathy A. Cooper, MBA
  • Jul 14, 2020

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