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Stacey Abrahams 😳 I’m obsessed with our newest Brow Defining Boost that launched to customers yesterday. 4 tints available. 🤩 😉 Only brow serum/conditioner that instantly gives perfect brows and makes them bolder and fuller over time. 🙌. It’s a win win. Want yours? Comment MORE INFO below. Or email
  • Aug 05, 2020
    Shanell T. Smith, Ph.D. DO YOU LIKE BONUSES? REGISTER BY THIS FRIDAY, 8/7/2020 AND GET THESE: 1. Save $100 off registration fee 2. Get complimentary access to one of my most popular webinars: How To Work On Your Dissertation At Any Stage! For more info and to register, CLICK HERE: This 3-Day Virtual Retreat: "GRADUATE FASTER. BECOME DOCTOR SOONER" Is For You If... -You want to fast track your degree -You want the tools and skills needed to start this academic year strong -You want to be motivated, encouraged, and get high-level support -You want to be better at academic time management -You want to learn how to overcome the fear of failure and impostor syndrome -You want to learn nuts and bolts like how to read quickly and efficiently -You want to learn how to be your own best self-advocate -You want a mindset shift toward doctoral success -You want the benefits of creating a strategic action plan -You want to be in community with like-minded, determined-to-be-finished doctoral students -You want to have the best year yet! REGISTER TODAY, CLICK HERE:
  • Aug 03, 2020
    Shanell T. Smith, Ph.D. For more info and to register, CLICK HERE:
  • Aug 02, 2020
    Stacey Abrahams 🙌 I just learned that for the month of July, I’ve once again reached the top 300 for personal sales on my greater team of over 80,000. 💃 🌟At #158, I’m beyond blessed to have been introduced to this opportunity - not only for financial reasons, but for the incredible growth its allowed me to experience over the last 4 years! 🙏 🌟I’m not going to lie. This month has been a personally challenging one. But this 🎁 aka my business has been the most productive and needed distraction during this time. 🌈 It’s inspired me every day to put one foot in front of the other, to dig really deep, and to make this happen. 🌟 💫I’m just a regular person with dreams and goals like you. If I can do this, so can you! And I’ll be there to teach you everything I know.🎈 💪 If you’re ready, I’m ready for you! 💥 Email me to find out more about Rodan + Fields - I am always about info and never pressure.
  • Aug 02, 2020
    Shanell T. Smith, Ph.D. UR PROGRAM WILL GO ON FOREVER if U do not have an excellent grasp of academic time management. Time wasted = time added. Learn strategies about this any many other topics like mindset and academic program management in my 3-Day Virtual Retreat: GRADUATE FASTER. BECOME DOCTOR SOONER. Aug. 21-23.FOR MORE INFO AND TO REGISTER HERE:
  • Aug 01, 2020
    Stacey Abrahams ONE day left to get cash back. 💵 🧐Are you looking for a way to make additional income? 💰 One that is totally online, recession-proof, and can be flexible around a pandemic and all the other daily challenges life brings our way. 🤔 You may want to consider a business with Rodan + Fields®. 🌟FORBES has said “Rodan + Fields® is increasingly rising to become one of the most respected skincare companies in the world.” 🌟DAVE RAMSEY called our business “the best” and also said “the worst thing you can do is get a second job. The best thing is start a home based business.” 🌟THE TODAY SHOW featured R+F as a “booming business opportunity” and called us “the social commerce leaders.” 🙌 🌟ALLURE did an article covering “The truth behind Rodan + Fields (and its takeover of your Facebook feed!)” and its beauty editors continue to provide RAVE reviews on our INNOVATIVE products! 🙏 🌟WOMENS HEALTH wrote “be the boss of you” and recognizes R+F as “a great new way to work.” ☝️ R+F is the number one premium skin care brand in North America. 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🤩 You can ONLY purchase our products which continue to disrupt the skincare market through independent distributors. 😳 The ultimate goal is to be the #1 anti-aging brand globally 🌎 and we are well on our way. Our founders did it once with their first brand and are doing it again. 🎉 😀Definitely worth a chat if you’re looking for an opportunity with a market disruptor that is skyrocketing. I’m here to answer all of your questions.📱 email me today at
  • Jul 31, 2020
    Shanell T. Smith, Ph.D. I AM SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE MY 3-DAY VIRTUAL RETREAT: "GRADUATE FASTER. BECOME DOCTOR SOONER." Dear Doctoral Students, A new academic year is upon us. Are you ready? Are you geared up to have another successful year under your belt? Are you in awe that you are getting closer to earning your degree? Are you excited about the prospect of becoming Doctor so that you can do what you feel called to do? Or are you stuck? Has the pandemic and all the unexpected changes it brought with it depleted your motivation? Halted your progress? Straight up stopped any work at all? Have you thought about quitting? Whether you are bubbling over with excitement for a new year, or overwhelmed with despair and disenchantment toward your studies, you will find a place for you here. This is your time. Take hold. Make the most of it. EXCEL. REGISTER HERE TODAY: Register by Friday, August 7, 2020 and receive the following: SAVE $100 on registration fee AND Get access to one of my most popular webinars: How To Work on Your Dissertation At Any Stage (valued at $97) Total Value: $197!
  • Jul 30, 2020
    Delila House Join me tomorrow night for a Customer Service Webinar. You can register at!
  • Jul 26, 2020
    Paula Tobey FUN FACT; I was a teacher before becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I loved teaching. It didn’t love me... 😢 I had chronic #migraines. Chronic #jointpain and terrible #IBS issues as you see in my face, they all come from #inflammation. What teacher can be at her best for her students when she feels terrible ALL OF THE TIME?!? Now that all of you are #teaching your own kids, you get it! ITS HARD! 😖 My #body, #mind and #spirit were very out of tune with each other and I poorly compartmentalized them all, like most people! I did what doctors told me and got help for each issue separately. But to no avail, nothing really worked. 😭 When I learned to treat my body as a whole, my mind and spirit came into #alignment as well.... magically 😮 (no, not really, magic) all at the same time! What I didn’t yet understand was the importance of #wholistichealth it can #savelives Once I worked on all of me, my #health radically and drastically #improved! I did a food #eliminationdiet and learned I was highly reactive to certain foods. But it was all good, I was becoming a new woman, in mind in body and in spirit and this went on for years! 🥬🍇🍋🥦 I then went through a few certification programs with Life and Health Coaching and have since taken many hours of training to keep my skills current. Then in August of 2017 my mom passed away from pancreatic cancer, 😢 and then two weeks later we flooded almost 4 feet of water 💦🌊 ruining our home!! But in these two horrible events I was able to find JOY! 🥰 joy in family... in community! I had the three elements needed to make it through adversity! My mind was looking for the joy, and thanking God for my troubles. 🙏🏻 My body was healthy because I had changed my lifestyle, 💪🏻 and my spirit was whole because I found my new purpose, which was to help others #thrive! 🤩 My purpose of helping women who deal with #chronicpain, chronic health conditions that keep them in and out of doctors offices, yet finding no relief became my #Mission. After putting it on hold for a year to replenish our savings by working in 2019, I had to basically start my business over but, 2020 lead me to close that chapter and RISE up to my purpose!! And shortly later... well you know, COVID19 happened. But I have chosen to #RISE! I have chosen to dive deep back into my purpose of SERVING women. 🥳😍 As Alexander Hamilton teaches, I will #RISEUP. What if you could become a new woman? What would you fix?? What if someone who’s been there, done that could give you HER back? What would you tell that lady who isn’t herself? 😏 What if not only you could feel better, but you could share the gift of healing from the inside out with others?? I am needing more health coaches to join me in my community. Even if you don't have the training, as long as you are passionate about helping, I can help you get there! What do you say?? Are you ready for life change?? And if so, check out my beautiful website for more information.
  • Jul 22, 2020 1 Comments
    Stacey Abrahams Happy Wednesday! These are some of my favorite tools! 😀 🤩 And from today July 22nd to July 25th, for an unprecedented 35% off 😯, get either our Amp MD System to amp up your results up to 50 % by firming up skin and targeting fine lines and wrinkles 🙌 and/or our innovative Pore Cleansing tool to double task by deep cleaning pores 😳 and targeting blackheads! 🤢 😎 The Amp MD system is the “best minute spent in skincare” and helps skin look firmer and younger 2 ways: it stimulates the natural production of collagen and the microneedles - which don’t hurt or tear up your skin - safely create micro-channels to allow optimal absorption of our skin smoothing and firming Intensive Renewing Serum. Win win. 🏆 😮 Our Pore Cleanser works hard to deep cleanse pores and help remove gunk build up that makes pores appear larger, which in turn ages our skin. It also comes with a 2nd disposable tip that targets pesky blackheads! Another win win. 🏆 There’s never been a better ⏰ to get either one! Why not get younger- and healthier looking skin right at home for less 💰! Especially now during this very challenging, new time when we all want to stay healthy and safe?! Please reach out with any questions. Including pricing.
  • Jul 22, 2020

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