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Jennifer Myers With nearly half of all middle-class lacking confidence in their ability to save sufficiently for retirement, many individuals are researching new professional opportunities. Researching common career complaints, The Entrepreneur’s Source® has worked to provide workers with the tools necessary for going from Employment to Empowerment® and cure Battered Career Syndrome®. So what are the top 3 common career complaints? #1 - Lack of Communication #2 - Absence of Job Security #3 - Decreased Empowerment Sound familiar? #coaching #evencoachesneedcoaching #ownyourownbusiness
  • Jan 21, 2019
    Deborah Luxton This weeks THRIVE theme is: COMMITMENT -- Ready to commit? -- #MondayMeditation for #WomenWhoLead because you only have #OneLifetoTHRIVE #HealthyBoundaries
  • Jan 21, 2019
    Stacey Abrahams From my dear friend Ilana who I’ve spent time with face to face. This is the real deal! “IT’S TAKEN ME A WHILE TO POST MY PHOTOS. I WASN’T CONVINCED MY RESULTS WERE GOOD ENOUGH! BUT TAKE A LOOK... I was left with significant scarring and pigmentation from a treatment at a well known dermatology clinic! The reparative treatments with other lasers failed to achieve much. I resigned myself to ‘I chose to do it’. However, enter skincare designed by 2 forward-thinking dermatologists. Over 2 years of consistent use AT HOME, I have achieved crazy phenomenal results. These products are NOT indicated to improve scarring, in fact, they only have cosmetic indications to improve the appearance of visible pores, skin firmness, lines and wrinkles, dark marks. However, the unexpected benefits have been far greater. Because the pigment is from severe burns, I am being patient and continuing my consistent at-home use to SAFELY repair the damage that was done to my previously perfect skin! It takes more than a few weeks to develop signs of aging and sun damage. So we have to be patient when expecting to see improvements. #thisISwow #moreThanSkincare #askMeHow #youNeedADrWhoUnderstandsSkin PS the lighting IS different as taken AT HOME because the before photo was taken at home too! However MY SKIN IS DIFFERENT.” If you’d like to experience results like these, we should talk. And take advantage of the amazing offers going on through Jan. 31st. Email me at
  • Jan 20, 2019
    Deborah Luxton This weeks THRIVE theme is: IMPOSSIBLE -- What’s your “impossibility?” -- #FinishFridayStrong for #WomenWhoLead #ChoosetoTHRIVE (available on Amazon)
  • Jan 18, 2019
    Janette Bukac Holidays are over! Replenish your inventory of wine with the Cellar Sale.
  • Jan 18, 2019
    Jacqueline Jimenez "By loving God, I'm loving you." Share it this Valentine's Day!
  • Jan 17, 2019
    Deborah Luxton This weeks THRIVE theme is: IMPOSSIBLE -- #WednesdayWisdom for #WomenWhoLead #Godworkingupstream Join the discussion in my private Facebook group: 'Healthy Boundaries for Women Who Lead'
  • Jan 16, 2019
    Jacqueline Jimenez The inspiration behind "Create Kid Art," comes from my own children! My mini entrepreneurs are always clamoring for their OWN website to sell shirts with their artwork, so I've added a few of their items online. 😊 I've called it the "JoJess Collection." And you guessed it, the profits above cost will go to my proud artists! AND, if you want family members to buy a customized shirt with your child's artwork, we can create a page in the online Store, that will only come up by a "code" name. Just call us. %10 can be donated back to your artist too. Let's have fun with this! Share it with art teachers!!!
  • Jan 16, 2019 2 Comments
    Ila Barlean The other Detox Month: With the holidays on pause till February. January is a great time to sweat and clear out any emotions due to toxic eating, drinking, or moving that may have taken place during September to December. Historically, September to December is a time of passing, when the weak and old leave our physical world and move onto a spiritual world. This was vital for the survival of the clans in history in order to survive the winter months till March when Spring returns. These transitions in our modern world can cause grief, emotional pain and sadness, do to our distance of relating to the ebb and flow of nature. The following suggestions are for those that struggle getting outside and moving during the cold, dark and wet days of northern climates. Emotional Detox: Breath work is great for this. When the diaphragm is expanded and contracted, we release toxins stuck in our lymphatic system and aids in digestion. As for chest breathing, this expansion and contraction of the ribs, massages of internal organs, loosening stuck fascia between our ribs – lungs – heart, leaves one at peace and clear headed. Sweat Detox: Sweating is one of the best ways to detox. We want to sweat when we have a fever in order to heal. Saunas (Infrared Saunas if available) and hot baths are great ways to create sweet allowing the toxins out of your pores. Leaving us smelling fresh and clean. Also allowing for new cells to grow in a healthy environment. Movement Detox: With the colder weather, travel and extra sitting. It is easy for the joints to become stagnate and achy. History and science have proven that movement is very healthy for the vitality and longevity of your joints. Make it simple to succeed, like yoga, Thai Chi, dancing, mindful energy meditation, rebounder or bouncing. These and others can all be done in the comfort of your home, especially when traveling outside could be challenging. Fueling Detox: Food, a topic attached to daily social activities. With the holidays passed and emotions still lingering in the body and mind. Food could be the last thing one cares to put energy into. Yet this effort will pay off. Once again, let’s make it simple. For example, increase the hot herbal tea to get more water into your body. Replace the yummy taste meals that are full of excess fat-salt-sugar with meals on the lighter side and with extra-steamed or sautéed vegetables. If you are one that likes to juice and your body can handle it, consider adding ginger root, turmeric root and lemon into your smoothies and juices. Skin Detox: Skin is the largest organ of the body and when it gets compromised, living can become uncomfortable. A very simple ritual you could start or reintroduce would be dry body brushing with a cotton cloth, spa gloves, or natural hair body brushes. Then have a cold shoulder to refresh the cleansed trillions of pores and close with massaging oil or sesame oil to hydrate the vitality of the skin. Mind Detox: Our relationship to our thoughts is the outward expression of our lives. If you had stinking thinking between September and December that is still lingering in your mind or you have become a bit under the weather with the flu or achy body, give chanting a chance. The yogis, saints, sages, and shamans of the past and present have used the powerful and pure seed (bija) sound to purify the destructive mind. No matter what path of belief one walks, the universal sound seen and heard can be Aung (Om, Ahh.) Even with one minuet a day, one can experience a shift in the cells of the brain to become lighter and brighter. Now for the personalized or intense techniques. Do reach out to me at www.taoenergymovement.
  • Jan 15, 2019
    Jacqueline Jimenez This is the picture of the shirt the grandma was looking at! :))
  • Jan 14, 2019

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