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Shanell T. Smith, Ph.D. Your research project - your scholarly GREATNESS - is in you. Your contribution to scholarship dwells inside. You can sense it percolating. You can feel it stirring. It's there. But you just can't grab hold. It isn't clear yet. There's too much "stuff" in your head. You need help uncovering it. You need help getting the "save-till-later research" out the way. You need help narrowing your research because it's too broad. Or you need help broadening your research because it's too narrow. It's okay. It really is. This is a good place in which to be. Because you aren't starting from scratch. Like I said, it's in you. You do know some things. No, you know LOTS of things. You just need help focusing it. And you'll get there. This is what my clients hire me to do. And not only do I do it very well... It's also fun for me. It fills me. It gives me joy seeing my clients' faces light up when everything clicks. And then it's my honor to tell them to be gentle with themselves for being disappointed and frustrated because they couldn't figure their project out sooner, and on their own. That is what I am here for. I'd love to see if and how I can help you. If you are coachable, are willing to invest money in yourself, and are ready to see RESULTS right now, I invite you to book a FREE call. Your greatness - your research project - awaits you. I have a few slots open this week. CLICK HERE TODAY: Talk soon, Dr. Smith
  • 6 days ago
    Stacey Abrahams This is a crazy time for so many right now. I hope you are staying safe, healthy, and sane! I’m thinking we can all use something fun to entertain us and who knows? You may even snag a free lash boost or hydration serum just for commenting! I’ve had other guests win in the past! No purchase required! Plus not sure if you know, but I’m currently being treated for breast cancer - great prognosis and will be sharing some of my story on our event and I would truly appreciate all the extra support from my friends and family tuning in. So please join my R+F team and I as we host a F•R•I•E•N•D•S ( Rodan + Fields style event ) virtually on Facebook 10/21-10/23, which you can hop on whenever is convenient for you. Would you like a spot? Email me at or send me a friend request and message me at Stacey Levenberg Abrahams and I will send you the invite. Please mention this IAW post!
  • 7 days ago
    Aline Goodman, LM Hello All: I have been a member, but not active. I would love some suggestions on how to become more active. Thank you! Aline Goodman
  • Oct 17, 2020
    Stacey Abrahams It's breast cancer awareness month! I am so thankful for early detection from my annual mammogram in June. It was a 3 month delayed exam because of the pandemic that I am convinced saved me. (I don't believe they would have seen the cancer had I been seen when I was originally due because it was so early). After surgery, I am clean and clear, but because of an aggressive receptor, I am going through a full course of treatment. I am blessed to live in a day and age when only 20 plus years ago, there was no treatment for my diagnosis. As I have been going through this journey, there have been lots of tears, but also intense moments of strength - strength I never knew I had. Sometimes we don't know what we are made of until we are tested. What I'm also grateful for now is having super affordable (and even as low as free) 24/7/365 access on DEMAND to US board certified physicians and nurses when I am facing a non-emergent medical issue. I drove past Urgent Care the other day and the line was wrapped through the parking lot. In this new world of Covid-19, the last place I want to be is around others who are sick when my immune system is at an all time low due to chemotherapy. I also have incredible peace of mind having the same on demand access to Masters Level Therapists any time of day or night. With anxiety and depression at an all time high because of Covid-19, there has never been a better time to have this gift. For me, having lost my dad suddenly last month and dealing with the ups and downs of cancer on top of the pandemic has been (needless to say) a lot to deal with. So now, when I need to speak to someone right away, I don't have to wait. Do you know someone who needs this in his or her life? Please reach out and I will share the details of AccessMD - here for now and here for life. Please email me at or text me at 347-834-6295 and mention this post.
  • Oct 16, 2020
    Jacqueline Jimenez WORKSHOPS THIS WEEK: Monday 10/12 - 1pm, Tuesday 10/13 - 10:30 am, Wednesday 10/14 - 1pm, Thursday 10/15 - 9:30 am -- CHOOSE a time that works for you!
  • Oct 13, 2020
    Nichole Simms "Keys to Mastering Boutique Success!" Gaining the Tools You Need to Have Continued Success in Your Boutique Business, that is what this new upcoming online show is all about. Whether you have a brick and mortar business, online store, or a product based business, tune in to learn what you need to become, stay, and keep being successful as Retail business Professional! Learn from 3 leaders in their field about: 1. Branding, 2. E Commerce/Buying, 3. Successful Mindset tips, 4.Merchandiisng, and MORE! Don't miss this Life Changing show! Sign up Today! October 15th @11am PST-1pm PST .
  • Oct 08, 2020


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