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  • Nov 27, 2017
    Candris Singleton Lending Hands Universal Nfp Feeding the Homeless/ Community May 27t on Sacramento & Madison Chicago, IL, Our mission is to do this twice a month and different communities to add with hunger. LHU needs NAPW members HELP!! with only .53cents a day that's only $15,90 a month. All donation is Tax exempt under our(501c3, for more information go to or call Candris 800-465-5905
  • May 18, 2017
    Kate Broadbent, RN Take a listen and learn what makes R+F the #1 skin care line in North America and learn why so many are falling in LOVE with this opportunity. Contact me to increase your earning potential beyond the 9-5!
  • May 04, 2017
    Lynda Bast Only 20% of how your skin looks is due to genetics... 80% is how you take care of it. Quit leaving your results up to luck! Message me today & let's roll back the time!
  • Mar 19, 2017
    Michelle Short GET THE MOST BENEFIT FROM YOUR CONNECTIONS! I have had the opportunity to connect with so many NAPW women across the country in my life coaching profession. The one common denominator I have seen is the desire to work together, to really make connections through NAPW. We have tremendous opportunities right at our doorstep. Imagine changing the way you interact with your NAPW contacts so that each of you in the relationship are fulfilled and growing. Imagine that you and every person you connect with benefits in ways you never thought of before. I challenge you to consider the endless possibilities. We all joined this network to benefit and to be a benefit to others. Email me at You and I will build this type of relationship and you will know exactly what to do to build the same with others. With over 800,000 women in the NAPW network the potential is unlimited. Email me today and simply type “Relationship” in the subject to begin the process.
  • Jan 31, 2017
    Deitra Whitehead Hello ladies, let me help you get started towards better credit and wealth before 2017 and well into 2017. Thank you ahead of time and be safe.
  • Dec 13, 2016
    Tracy Taylor Hello Ladies! I am requesting your support in recent challenge one of my companies posted for an incentive trip to Jamaica! I desire to take my son Michael as a graduation trip, he is a special needs young man that held a GPA of 3.65 the entire school year! Here's the deal, the CEO of the health & wellness company is providing a all expense paid trip for two, for the first 50 IBO that acquire 50 new customers that make a purchase of $50.00 or more within the next 30 days. We have organic products that range from weight loss, to natural pain relief, thicker eye lashes, intimate enhancements for men & women, and much more!!! I lost 4 inches off my waist line within 35 days and greater mental clarity with our Tea & Nutraburst! Visit my site to support the mission,
  • Aug 30, 2016
    Georgianna (Gigi) Sugranes Thank you Rosalie for inviting me for form part of your group. I'm exciting about to know you all
  • Jun 27, 2016
    Catherine Lipscomb Thank you so much!!! Rosalie for reaching out to me to be a part of your group. Being a newcomer, I have been at a lost on how to truly connect with others. I have reached out to some by sending a request but have not been met with responses. I visited your chapter and I am inspired by your enthusiasm to help and motivate others. I am looking forward to joining forces with you and tap into your excellent karma.
  • Jun 10, 2016
    Jennifer Castillo Hello Fellow NAPW Members! I am glad to be following such a diverse team! I am by day a Software Analyst for Comcast and by Daylight a Six Sigma Consultant.. I am able to go to a business (large or small) and assist them with project management or to analyze and find out how or why they can be making more money (WHICH WE ALL NEED!!) Then by night I am a student to become a Software Engineer.. and a Mary Kay Consultant.. Yes Ladies, I have wonderful makeup tips! I am really looking forward to networking with everyone! IF you are interested in a free 1 hour Six Sigma Consultation (Only offered to NAPW members please contact me at! I give a money back guarantee that you will see a change in your bottom line! Also, no matter where you live, I offer free shipping and a special gift for NAPW members with each purchase from Mary Kay! My website for ordering is Or better yet host a Mary Kay Party and I will give away a free COACH bag with total SALES over $300.
  • May 23, 2016 1 Comments

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