Manage a business or person’s financial records and make sure that those records are accurate and that their taxes are being filed on time.

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Jeanne Kelly
  • Jul 19, 2016
    Kelly Le Hello Ladies! Ever wanted to meet a multimillionaire and ask him anything from personal to business advice? Jack Wu, Executive Chairman, financial services, multimillionaire mentor to my millionaire mentor, Serena Nguyen, is hosting an entrepreneurial conference in Virginia THIS SATURDAY 7/16/16 9:00AM Groundbreaking expertise on entrepreneurship and leadership coaching, this event is open to any and all willing to learn! Topic is Expansion and Domination in YOUR business💃🏻 At door registration is $100 for the event and it starts at 9:00AM but I have few free tickets to give away. Call me if you are interested to learn more about this event or have any questions. I would love to share the wealth (of knowledge)! Location: Bellevue Conference Center 43350 John Mosby Hwy Chantilly, VA 20152 Cell: 240-274-7139
  • Jul 14, 2016
    Jacinthia Gladfelter Now that tax season is over, it’s time to explore how to expand your services and definitely increase your revenue and income many times over. In my experience, the most effective way is to simply help your clients learn how to save better and plan for their financial goals with amazing tax advantages. Being their trusted tax adviser, you’re the perfect person to help them with financial guidance and strategies. Either you do it or they’ll find someone else who can – generally someone who does not know or truly care for your clients’ tax and financial situation. We can only imagine how messy that can look. There are so many ways you can help your clients with their 401(k)’s, IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, Life Insurance and Education Planning needs while teaching them how to save more on taxes and protect their families against financial disaster. There’s never been a better time to apply this in your tax business to double or triple your income, easily. To learn how to do that, we hold free and comprehensive training workshops at our local financial education center. These are specifically designed for tax preparers, enrolled agents, and CPA’s. Please call me at (714) 745-1178 for more information.
  • May 24, 2016
    Elaine Krumm Good day everyone, One of my summer projects is to reevaluate our current tax software program. We have used a high end program for years, and are pleased with the functionality of it, but the price tag is staggering. I want to be sure we are getting what we pay for, and need that much. Would like to hear what other professionals are using, and why they like or dislike the product. Thanks and best regards, Ellie.
  • May 17, 2016
    Rachel Siegel Hello Ladies!! Tax season is over but that doesn't mean you should stop visiting your accountant at Totaro Totaro Siegel! I am a certified CPA accountant in Toms River. I love to empower women with strong work ethics like myself to help them grow their businesses. Starting a business can be quiet a struggle. With that it takes a lot of focus and ambition but, with accounting software and myself, I can show you what it takes to watch your business thrive. With the help of our team of experts in QuickBooks we can make sure your books are always accurate and precise. Call me today and book an appointment so we can build up your small to mid size business even more!
  • Apr 20, 2016
    Kim Kaselionis Why kickstart your business, network and build it up, just to have it dissolve with the next economic crash? Because it's coming. Join us 4/21 for this month's live webinar on "Launch, Build, Wipeout: What’s Your Strategy to Survive the Next Economic Turn?," with expert economist and investment advisor, Dr. Lawrence Souza. We have a great network of professionals who love to share their disparate passions within finance, in addition to being incredible at what they do--forecasting, is Dr. Souza's. This event is free. Join us, bring a friend, and take notes to make a plan.
  • Apr 19, 2016
    Sandy Sierra
  • Apr 16, 2016
    Kim Kaselionis Hello ladies! I'm Kim Kaselionis, the founder and managing partner of Breakaway Funding. I started the company as solution to a two-prong problem I encountered as the CEO of Circle Bank: Lack of access to capital by SMBs and community financial institution’s struggle to lend. The solution is simple: a sustainable capital model called the Community Capital Marketplace--a financial ecosystem that can work for any kind of capital raise, any kind of business, and in any community. I invite you to connect with me and Breakaway Funding ( across all social media to learn more about my goal to help create sustainable local economies that thrive.
  • Apr 15, 2016
    Judy Price Good afternoon professional ladies! RUK Fairy has a current promotion, just for you! Our ENTIRE website is currently 50% OFF! On top of the current promo, approved applicants can pay only $49.99 for ANY handbag. RUK Fairy is a company that specializes in corporate handbags designed for professional career women. What are corporate handbags? Corporate Handbags are slightly on the larger side, so they can everything you need for work, and a laptop up to 13". What makes our handbags unique is; organization! All handbags have multiple interior pockets that designed to hold an umbrella, makeup and personal compartments, wallet, keys, etc. RUK Fairy handbags will help keep you organized, and stay organized, while making a fashion statement. Head over to and take advantage today!
  • Apr 04, 2016
    Michele Urena We are down to the last 18 days of the tax season and it will be going fast. I am the proud CEO of Sincerely Professional Services and I offer Tax Preparation for Individuals. I also help in Business Formation (Sole Prop, LLC, Corp). Check out my company's website and / or visit our Facebook page.
  • Apr 01, 2016

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