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Stacey Abrahams It's breast cancer awareness month! I am so thankful for early detection from my annual mammogram in June. It was a 3 month delayed exam because of the pandemic that I am convinced saved me. (I don't believe they would have seen the cancer had I been seen when I was originally due because it was so early). After surgery, I am clean and clear, but because of an aggressive receptor, I am going through a full course of treatment. I am blessed to live in a day and age when only 20 plus years ago, there was no treatment for my diagnosis. As I have been going through this journey, there have been lots of tears, but also intense moments of strength - strength I never knew I had. Sometimes we don't know what we are made of until we are tested. What I'm also grateful for now is having super affordable (and even as low as free) 24/7/365 access on DEMAND to US board certified physicians and nurses when I am facing a non-emergent medical issue. I drove past Urgent Care the other day and the line was wrapped through the parking lot. In this new world of Covid-19, the last place I want to be is around others who are sick when my immune system is at an all time low due to chemotherapy. I also have incredible peace of mind having the same on demand access to Masters Level Therapists any time of day or night. With anxiety and depression at an all time high because of Covid-19, there has never been a better time to have this gift. For me, having lost my dad suddenly last month and dealing with the ups and downs of cancer on top of the pandemic has been (needless to say) a lot to deal with. So now, when I need to speak to someone right away, I don't have to wait. Do you know someone who needs this in his or her life? Please reach out and I will share the details of AccessMD - here for now and here for life. Please email me at or text me at 347-834-6295 and mention this post.
  • 5 days ago