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Susan Cagle Are you getting all you need? Hi. My name is Susan Cagle and I am a founding member of the Young Entrepreneur Project. Whenever I see people posting online, or sharing business opportunities, I have to wonder if they are satisfied with the direction they have chosen. I ask myself these questions: Are they making money in their business? Are they smart about standing out in the crowd? Are they using incentives to grow their business or do they have great lead generation, or referral system? Are you working late nights trying to figure out solutions to problems you don’t understand or working 80 hours a week to provide for your family’s basic needs? Are you waking up wishing you knew how to get more customers to serve or thinking about how to create passive and residual income? For many business owners seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is difficult and the struggles are real. So, if you are looking for something to fill your financial gap, I would love to share with you how you can get in front of more people and create more business opportunities; retain clients, and put a new twist in your marketing. So, if you are a Real Estate Agent, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Travel Agent, Network Marketer, Coach/Mentor or Public Speaker, Automobile Sales. Or, are you in Sales, eCommerce, or even Direct Sales? If so, join me on a ZOOM this week to see how you can take YOUR business to the next level. to register. Check out some of the things our community of professionals is helping other business owners learn to help them thrive in their business. *Automated marketing system to help you build *Phone app for easy access to platform and benefits *Travel incentive to send - unlimited amount of times *Access to our YEPCLIPS of Business Training library *Discount Travel Membership, Shopping, Entertainment *Tools to create and build live events in your area Don’t forget to say that Susan Cagle referred you See you online! -Susan
  • Apr 12, 2020