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Jennifer Harrison I'm hoping someone here manages their firm's blog. I had someone request to be a guest blogger on our blog and I am open to entertaining the idea. Has anyone done guest blogging? Have you pushed your posts to other sites? I would like to see our articles get placed elsewhere, just not sure how to vet other sites, or vet people to post on ours. Thanks in advance!
  • Jan 09, 2020 3 Comments


    Deborah Delgado I have not - but can ask others outside IAW if you like
    Megan Bozzuto Hi Jennifer, I manage the blog here at IAW and we get lots of requests from guest bloggers. I think it is important to understand the intent of the request -- are they looking to build a relationship and do co-marketing or are they only interested in connecting to help with link building. Guest blogging can offer a lot of potential to help increase brand awareness and SEO juice. However, we get a lot of 'spam' requests that seem to be people sharing duplicate content or links that don't necessarily support our brand/efforts. I think it's best to only accept guest posts from people that you have already formed a relationship with previously (partners, customers, vendors, etc.). You can always form new relationships with people who inquire about guest posting to your blog but be sure to vet them (intro calls, check references, review work and understand the intent of their inquiry). Hope that helps - happy to chat more if you'd like!
    Jennifer Harrison Megan, thank you for your response! Do you have a written policy for guest bloggers or are the requests vetted on a individual basis? So far the requests that I have gotten seem to be the "spamming" type, they are not from current clients but they are in the industry that we market to so could be potential clients. Do you actively solicit for guest bloggers or do you only choose from those who have reached out to you?