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Dr. N. Karen Thames Today is my 6 year BLAnniversary! Whoot! 6 years ago, both of my adrenal glands were removed as a last resort to finally rid my body of Cushing's disease. This is called a Bilateral Adrenalectomy or BLA. That was my second time battling that disease but for medical reasons I won't expand on now, a second brain surgery was not a viable option. Ironically, having this surgery was a trade, as I went from having one rare life threatening illness to having another life threatening illness, Addison's disease or Adrenal Insufficiency. This leaves me susceptible to potentially fatal adrenal crises, my last one being just two weeks ago. HOWEVER, Cushing's was killing me slowly but surely! It left me bedridden and completely nonfunctional. I had to leave private practice as a Clinical Psychologist because the illness was kicking my butt! But NOW, in my current situation, I can manage my health so much more effectively, that's for sure! I would have the surgery all over again if I had to and I do NOT regret my decision to move forward with it! I am Cushing's free! For good! Don't feel bad for me if you hear that I have had an adrenal crisis. This gal ALWAYS wins those battles and I apparently have MORE than 9 lives! LOL I always celebrate today and I am always grateful! My sense of gratitude is overflowing! I never take life for granted and appreciate every breath afforded to me! I hope to do something positive with the life I have been given. For my purpose has not changed, it is the path that is different. My purpose is to positively impact the lives of other chronic illness warriors everywhere! So, happy anniversary to me!
  • Aug 21, 2019 5 Comments


    Sharon Smith Wonderful news. I pray for your continued healing.
    Tanya Smith Hi Karen thank you for sharing your journey. It is great to read about individuals who have found a way to use their life experiences and triumph to help others. Praying you continue to heal, inspire and empower others to move through their challenges.
    Kathleen Bogolin Good afternoon, Karen, and thanks for your posting. IAW is a truly amazing organization with many women who have made a difference in the lives of others. As you know our members range from privately-held to multinational companies and newly graduated job seekers to seasoned professionals who have become leaders and mentors. Your strength, perseverance, and enthusiasm are impressive and thanks for sharing your story. I pray that your recovery continues and hope you have found local members who are providing the support you need and deserve. As President of the IAW Ocala Chapter in FL and member of Chapters in Orlando, Tampa, and other parts of the country. I would be happy to lend an ear, make a connection with anyone in the Ocala, Orlando and Tampa Chapters, or help in any way. Please feel free to reach out via email:, call or text me: 847-340-9487. Regards, Kay Bogolin
    J Diane Robinson Happy Anniversary! What an amazing story of resiliency and fortitude!
    Dr. N. Karen Thames Thank you so much everyone!