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Lisa Etzel LCPC BCC #Power-UpTogether™Beyond The Bounds of Harassment & Faulty Leadership. Are you ready to uncover your resources, create movement, excitement, respectful recognition and revitalize your role in the workplace? Harassment and poor leadership create self-doubt, distracting behaviors, health issues, avoidance, persistent worry and most of all the inability to perform to the best of your ability. Join me in a confidential virtual monthly group with others who wish to move away from harassing behavior, be bold and transform your work life from the burden of harassment to well-deserved freedom and psychological safety to further you working to your fullest potential. Sign up at First Thursday of every month beginning on 7/11/19 @5:30 ET. I am a Sexual Harassment Coach witnessing and creating movement for targets of harassment in today's every-changing world.
  • Jun 10, 2019