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Louisa Jamgochian Hello, I would like to introduce myself to the group! My name is Louisa Jamgochian and I run a financial planning practice in midtown Manhattan in association with Northwestern Mutual. I work on a team of financial planners and when we sit down with clients we share concepts of savings, investments, life, disability and long term care insurances. We also focus on retirement income while reducing financial risk. In addition to this we do hold seminars for businesses by meeting with large groups of employees regarding their benefits and assisting with their 401k allocations. I would love to meet and share more about what I have been doing to see if I could be a resource and can be reached at, or 301-642-7203. Feel free to message me as well with any questions, I am also available via conference call for anyone outside of the NYC area. Thank you and happy holidays!
  • Dec 19, 2018