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Stacey Abrahams 🌞 Shine Bright Set – Boost radiance while perfecting and brightening your look with the desirable duo of Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid and Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex. (Plus a complimentary Glammed Compact Mirror!) ☀️ Perfecting Duo Set – Be party-ready every day with a radiant, glowing finish with the incredible combo of Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid and ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost. (Plus a complimentary sparkly edition of the Radiant Defense Liquid Brush!) 🌞 Celebrate Every Body Set – Exfoliate, hydrate and add a touch of color with ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, Active Hydration Body Replenish and a complimentary Foaming Sunless Tan. And extra $15 off your order as my new or existing preferred customer with purchase of any of these 3 gift sets!! Https://
  • Dec 05, 2018