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Cathy Straka I'm a United States Army veteran, a heart transplant recipient, a recent widow and a volunteer. I presently work two jobs and serve on the board of directors of the National Organization for Transplant Enlightenment. However, my passion is creating sportswear, and I've come up with a changing garment that others claim is well-designed, well-made, innovative, "one of the coolest pieces of gear to have" and "highly recommended." It's called Easy Change Sport, and all the details are on my website at Now, I'm not asking you to buy one (although I wouldn’t complain!), but I would love you to refer me to any family, friends or work acquaintances in your network who run, cycle, swim, camp, surf or take part in triathlons. I wouldn't request this of you except that (1) I am determined to be successful, but, my efforts attempting to sell through Amazon and local sports shops have not panned out, and (2) as a one-person, female/veteran-owned-and-operated business, I don't have the funds to market the Easy Change Sport changing garment nationwide. I would love your input. Thank you, Cathy Straka, Owner Easy Change Sport
  • Sep 08, 2018 2 Comments


    Jacqueline Jimenez That's pretty neat! Love the changing videos. I'll share it. (Military Brat - Air Force)
    Zurama Arancibia Hi @Cathy Straka. I love the changing gear. Have you tried Etsy, reaching out to surfing brands scubas body gloves, billabong, hurley, under armor...? Who gives you could be their distributor. Make sure you hold all the patens to designs. Very cool!