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Rhovonda Brown HAPPY NEW YEAR! NEW GOALS. NEW OPPORTUNITIES. What are your goals for 2018? Have you written them down? What about a mission statement? Do you have one? We have 364 days left in this year. That means 364 new days, new opportunities to reach your goals. Each day counts. Use these 3 tips to help you accomplish at least one goal today: 1. Write and display. Write down your goals giving detailed instructions on how you’re going to accomplish them. Be sure to break down those goals into small objectives. Goals are more likely obtainable if written down. Displayed them someplace where you can see them. 2. Take baby steps. Select one goal that you believe is achievable. Then put all your energy into completing that task. If you’re able to do more, go ahead and do them. 3. Execute. Don’t procrastinate, but be persistent. Begin immediately working on the project. Stay focus by following the instructions you wrote down in Step 1. Bonus Tip: Be accountable. Share your aspirations with someone you trust, an accountability partner. Allow him or her to help you stay on the right path. Your partner will hold you accountable for setting and completing your 2018 goals, which will motivate you to succeed. Below this post, share with me your 2018 goals. If you have any questions or need a gentle nudge to keep believing, I would love to encourage you to keep moving forward. Email me at Your Encourager, Rhovonda L. Brown Founder/President The Pillar of Hope
  • Jan 02, 2018