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Barbara Zipperer Hi ladies! Now that we are in the holiday season, I would like you to take a moment and imagine next year’s holiday season without airport crowds, Picture sharing the holidays this year with an exchange student and your family at your home. Your friends and family are sharing your traditions for the holidays and learning about how your student celebrates this season back at home. Imagine tasting your students favorite holiday dish that they made for you. This is only one example of the experiences your family could share next year. Now is the time to start the process to get an exchange student for next year. Let’s see one family felt about their exchange student. If you like what you see contact me at:
EF Host Family Stories: Meet the Monroes in Wisconsin - YouTube
Meet the Monroe family from Wisconsin, who opened their home to Julia from Norway. To learn more about hosting an exchange student, visit http://www.efexchan...
  • Nov 23, 2017