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Julie Hongkham Hi, Ladies! My name is Julie Hongkham and I am the SVP of Operations of MBS Accounting Technology & Advisory. We offer Accounting services that include bookkeeping, training, catch-up and clean-up projects, financial reporting, CFO level reporting and accounting technology integration. With our mission to make companies financially agile through accounting technology, we're taking the opportunity to demonstrate the importance of technology in business accounting through our annual concentrated conference, MBS CalcuTech. The link is noted here in case anyone is interested in attending! We also have some sponsorship openings still for any businesses that want to showcase their services with regards to the implementation of accounting within their own firms as well. Website: /
MBS CalcuTech 2017
MBS Calcutech is New York City's premier Accounting Technology gathering focused on the value and importance of Automation in Accounting.
  • Jul 06, 2017