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Michelle Short GET THE MOST BENEFIT FROM YOUR CONNECTIONS! I have had the opportunity to connect with so many NAPW women across the country in my life coaching profession. The one common denominator I have seen is the desire to work together, to really make connections through NAPW. We have tremendous opportunities right at our doorstep. Imagine changing the way you interact with your NAPW contacts so that each of you in the relationship are fulfilled and growing. Imagine that you and every person you connect with benefits in ways you never thought of before. I challenge you to consider the endless possibilities. We all joined this network to benefit and to be a benefit to others. Email me at You and I will build this type of relationship and you will know exactly what to do to build the same with others. With over 800,000 women in the NAPW network the potential is unlimited. Email me today and simply type “Relationship” in the subject to begin the process.
  • Jan 31, 2017