Presented by Debra Kunz, Founder and Executive Coach, Center for Deliberate Growth®

Decide today to unlock the leader within you. You’re already smart, savvy, and strong. Now you want to become more effective, and make it easier to create results for yourself and for the business.

Whether you are a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, evolving leader, or business owner, understanding what creates your leadership power gives you the tools to achieve what you want the most. Use these insights to manage your simultaneous business challenges, competing priorities, limited time, and endless decisions.

Learn to lead-easier™ as Debra Kunz, Executive Coach and Founder of the Center for Deliberate Growth®, reveals the crucial decisions that create intentional growth. See those decisions in action as she shares case studies from her years of empowering leaders and advancing companies forward.

What You Will Learn:

Ø  The #1 decision that optimizes how you spend your time.

Ø  How to manage the obstacles that interfere with your growth, and derail business results.

Ø  Recalibrate how you use your energy, and what to give your mental time and focus to.

Ø  The most critical question that creates productive breakthroughs.

Ø  What you must do first.


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February 19, 2020
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