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Ayse Hogan Sharing my Story and some Gratitude 9 Years Ago - I had a successful financial practice but I was so unhappy inside...I had decided to end my life because I felt I had made so many mistakes there was no way to fix it all and I was in pain all the was time to reset...that became a significant turning point in my life 🤔 Wonderful people began stepping into my life like my cousin I never met in Turkey, Zeyyin Altınel and my Reiki Master Daxa Chauhan and my life was changing. I felt like there was something bigger for me out there. I began studying spirituality like a mad woman with a definite purpose. 😟 7 years ago - I had a battle going on inside me because I wanted to help people but I knew that the business I was in was not going to do it but I didn't know what to do or what changes to make. I kept studying and my certifications in various holistic and alternative methodologies began to grow and grow. 🥰 5 years ago - I decided to start The Chakra House of Healing and become a Holistic Transformation Coach but I still was too scared to let go of my financial practice so I ran them both at the same time and worked day and night. One practice I loved and the other was eating me alive. 😍 3 years ago - I let go of the financial practice completely and the The Chakra House of Healing flourished and grew and my life felt awesome. It wasn't bring me financial freedom yet but it was bringing me inner freedom and I knew I was doing the right thing. 😘 Within the last year, I reflect and can't believe how far I have come and how many I have aided in their struggles and challenges. I added another tool to my toolbox and that is CBD and that has made incredible changes in some pain I had in ankles and an even bigger spring in my step. I feel healthy and happy most days...hey we all have ugh days...but those are so far apart and few. My practice rewards me and allows me to help others and I am so grateful for that and now by adding the CBD and starting my own team I will have the funds I will need for my next dream...the spiritual center....I can't wait. I have met some amazing people like Lacy Garza and David Gruning who empower my journey every day. I have a wonderful tribe all around me. 😀 I am incredibly grateful every moment of every day Everyone should find their path and purpose. The right people stepped into my life and helped me...maybe I can help you and pay that forward.
  • Jan 04, 2019 9 Comments
    Local Chapters Division Join us for eCoaching, Upward & Inward: Achieving Growth Through Introspection and Aligned Action. This session will be presented by Ari DeGrote, Founder of Upward & Inward, LLC. Register to join us!
  • Dec 14, 2018
    Ellina Scaduto Hello Ladies! Please come to our toy drive event on December 15th to Wish Boca at 5pm We have a wonderful show for you and are trying to raise money to benefit Big Mama. reach out with any questions, Thank you
  • Nov 30, 2018
    Ila Barlean A presentation on how shock and stress effect the body and mind. /…
  • Nov 27, 2018
    Kaluwa Ruit Ghalikar, CHHC, AADP
    Do You Limit Your Life With Labels? - YouTube
    Seeking labels is actually pretty instinctual, and can serve a purpose. Yet, usually they quickly turn against us, and become our limits. Are your labels lim...
  • Nov 21, 2018
    Stacey Corwell, M.S.M. Hello my name is Stacey Corwell and I am fairly new to the organization. I have been struggling to get someone to notice me or even give me an opportunity to show my skills in the business world. I have a Masters degree in Business/Project Management and continue to learn as much as possible however, I am still hitting a brick wall. If there is someone that could help me understand what it is I am doing wrong. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  • Nov 18, 2018 3 Comments


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